Welcome to the KESS Battlefield

Dominate your opponents in a lightning-paced 1-on-1 board game
that will have you strategizing in your sleep!
Like Checkers, Chess or Go, the rules of KESS are simple.

Even a total newbie can hop into a game and get a good grasp on the rules in just a few minutes.

But also just like Checkers, Chess and Go, the skill ceiling is sky-high. You’ll uncover new, deceptive and daring strategies every time you play.

You’ll formulate and unleash new formations to trick your opponent and pull off merciless attack patterns. And most of all, you’ll have fun doing it.

As Cerebral As It Is Bloodthirsty

With KESS, you’ll engage in an audacious game of wits that lets you quickly and effortlessly slip into your “strategy brain.”

It’s easy to get totally lost in a match as you try to peer into the future, pick apart the board and attempt to predict your opponent’s moves.

KESS is rife with that thoughtful pause of silent but brutal confrontation as two players stare at the game, each simultaneously plotting each other’s demise. The pieces are surrounded and killed one by one as the match heats up, and in under 10 minutes, victory is claimed!

Beauty In Simplicity

KESS only takes a minute to learn; no stuffy rule book required. The battlefield is a 7×7 grid of squares – a bit smaller than a chess board. Each player gets 10 pieces, arranged like so:

How It Works

But unlike most board games, each player gets FIVE moves per turn, making for a quicker but more tactical playthrough. Each turn is more like an onslaught than executing a single play. To take an enemy piece, simply surround it on 3 sides:

Simply capture your opponent’s pieces to win! There are hundreds of strategies and trillions of ways a game can unfold, allowing endless skill-building and constant surprises.

Perfect For Kids Or Adults

Like all great strategy games, KESS forces players to utilize sneak attacks, fake-outs, perspective, and decision-making in order to destroy their opponents.

Kids love the ultra-simple rules and colorful board and game pieces.

Meanwhile, adults love the hidden depth of the game as it forces players to think outside the box as they balance offense and defense. KESS is a hit for anyone!

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